Founded in 2014, Baguette Me Not started as a personal journey to share food that we loved. Determined to be part of the Perth citizenry, we were looking for food with Southeast Asian flavours, specifically the Vietnamese banh mi. Having searched far and wide, we found some great options but felt we could add one more. So, for fun, we started creating our own versions of the banh mi baguettes, getting plenty of inspiration from the traditional banh mis around town.

What we ended up creating were amazing gourmet banh mi baguettes, inspired by the traditional Vietnamese banh mi but with our own modern, Perth spin. Our friends and family met our creations with so much love and encouragement that we decided to bring our creations to market.

From our humble beginnings at farmer markets, we were motivated to encourage Perth foodies to fall in love with our contemporary version of the Vietnamese-inspired banh mi baguette. We had introduced them to food that had a positive impact on their palettes. We doubled-down and followed up with more dishes inspired by other foods close to our hearts and way of cooking – casual, fresh, forward-thinking food. Baguette Me Not was born.

Baguette Me Not is a destination for simple, delicious, healthy, and modern Southeast Asian food. We love introducing flavours close to our hearts that are prepared with the utmost care and attention. That is why we cook from scratch, making every order as they come. We love the idea of sharing our food and the impact it has on our customers, communities, and environment.

Fast forward to today, the same loyal customers coming back time and time again to experience our food and service is what keeps us motivated to do what we do. Their loyalty and trust in our ability to deliver honest, quality driven, locally sourced (where possible), Southeast Asian flavoured food is what helps us to continue keeping it real with our food.

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